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Sew What?

Sew What? is a weekly podcast that celebrates historic needlework and those who stitched it. Isabella Rosner, your local needlework expert, explores all types of needlecraft (including embroidery, knitting, weaving, nålbinding, quilting, lacemaking, and everything in between) from around the world and across continents and interviews leading textile artists, scholars, and curators. After a successful first season of 25 episodes, Sew What? is back in February 2021 for a second one. Listen here or on your favourite podcast app and get ready for a new episode every Thursday!

Embroidering Portraits: An Interview with Cayce Zavaglia Sew What?

In this episode, Isabella interviews artist Cayce Zavaglia, who uses embroidery to stitch hyperrealistic portraits of her family, friends, and fellow artists. The two discuss Cayce's process, her favourite parts of stitching, and groundbreaking contemporary textile artists.As always, images and sources are available at @sewwhatpodcast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The podcast has a website, sewwhatpodcast.com, and a Patreon, patreon.com/sewwhatpodcast.
  1. Embroidering Portraits: An Interview with Cayce Zavaglia
  2. The Needlework of Historic Boyz II Men
  3. Paper Pieced Quilts and Crafting During COVID: An Interview with Naomi Clarke
  4. Alternative Embroideries: Tambour Work and Punch Needle
  5. Australian Schoolgirl Needlework: An Interview with Cat Gay
  6. Stitching Among Friends: Early Quaker Needlework
  7. Jewish Fashion Making and Stitching in 20th-Century London: An Interview with Dr Bethan Bide and Dr Lucie Whitmore
  8. Quilting and Exhibiting Black Life: An Interview with Bisa Butler and Dr Erica Warren
  9. Curating Needlework: An Interview with Amelia Peck and Melinda Watt
  10. The Embroideries and Lace of the Wiener Werkstätte

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