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Sew What?

Sew What? is a weekly podcast that celebrates historic needlework and those who stitched it. Isabella Rosner, your local needlework expert, explores all types of needlecraft (including embroidery, knitting, weaving, nålbinding, quilting, lacemaking, and everything in between) from around the world and across continents and interviews leading textile artists, scholars, and curators. After three successful seasons with a total of 62 episodes, Sew What? is releasing standalone episodes. The historic needlework goodness never stops! Listen here or on your favourite podcast app and look out for new episodes dropping on Thursdays at 12pm BST.

Women's Work: An Interview with Ferren Gipson Sew What?

In this episode, Isabella interviews Ferren Gipson about her new book, Women's Work: From Feminine Arts to Feminist Art.  The book tells the story of more than 30 modern and contemporary textile and ceramic artists.Images and sources are available at @sewwhatpodcast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The podcast has a website, sewwhatpodcast.com.
  1. Women's Work: An Interview with Ferren Gipson
  2. Threads of Power: An Interview with Michele Majer and Emma Cormack
  3. The Early Years of the RSN: An Interview with Dr Lynn Hulse
  4. Hmong Embroidery: Paj Ntaub and Story Cloths
  5. Mary Linwood's Art of Stitchery: An Interview with Dr Heidi Strobel
  6. The World of Erica Wilson, Part 2: An Interview with Dr Anne Hilker and Vanessa Diserio
  7. The World of Erica Wilson, Part 1: An Interview with Edith Bouriez
  8. All About Egyptian Textiles: An Interview with Seif El Rashidi
  9. RSN at the Fashion and Textile Museum: An Interview with Dennis Nothdruft
  10. New London Needlework Reexamined: An Interview with Lynne Zacek Bassett

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